Society of the Arts (SOTA)

A dynamic group of today’s women volunteering time and spirit to the Allentown Art Museum.





SOTA offers a wide variety of fun and fulfilling volunteer opportunities to fit an array of talents, schedules and interests. 

Whether you want to learn more about art or simply enjoy interacting with others in a dynamic organization, there is something for everyone.

SOTA members lead gallery tours, assist with children’s programs, work behind the scenes with Museum staff, help man the Museum Store, and provide extra hands for Museum events, to name just a few of our many volunteer roles.

” When I step into the Allentown Art Museum my everyday world falls away because I am surrounded by beautiful art from around the world and I get to work with really talented volunteers & staff.  For me it is refreshing to be part of a group which is made up of highly educated, kind-hearted women who have no other agenda other than to help make a difference in the operations of the Art Museum.”

~ Diana Hodgson, SOTA Member

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2016-2017 Volunteer of the Year

 Teri Johnson

The naming of the Volunteer of the Year is one of the biggest highlights for this May luncheon and of the entire SOTA year. It’s rewarding for all of us when the organization recognizes one of our own who deserves to be thanked for her dedication. Plus, there’s the element of suspense, which piques our curiosity.

I will maintain the suspense as long as I can, but when you start to hear the qualifications and accomplishments of this year’s honoree, it will be difficult to disguise her remarkable identity.

The woman we recognize today has not only distinguished herself for her worthy deeds this year, but has established a record of consistent, constructive service to SOTA that spans more than 20 years. Every step of the way she has worked diligently, with care, precision, and a generous spirit.

She has earned the respect of her fellow SOTA members and the Museum trustees and staff for being energetic, capable and conscientious. Not to mention a genuinely nice person.

Over the years, our honoree has worked on her chosen committees of Curatorial and Museum Store. She has taken significant responsibilities for several Show Houses, has served as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President of General Committees, Vice President of Education Committees, Personnel Chair, Executive Vice President, President, Past President… and she didn’t slow down even then.

Representing SOTA, she has co-chaired the Allentown Art Museum Gala for the past three years with grace and humility, achieving spectacular success. She is a non-stop powerhouse of activity in a tiny package.

As one of the several SOTA members who nominated this honoree wisely noted, we should jump at the chance to honor her before her good heart has her serving on the SOTA Board again, making her ineligible.

SOTA’s very deserving Volunteer of the Year for 2017 is Teri Johnson.



Allentown Art Museum Affiliation

For more than 75 years, the Allentown Art Museum has been a place where inspiration is born and lifelong memories are made.

Our mission is to enrich the lives of the widest possible audience of visitors by engaging, informing, and inspiring them through the activities of collecting, preserving, studying, exhibiting, and interpreting important works of visual art.