Society of the Arts is a Non-Profit Women’s Service Organization

Our purpose is to work with and actively support the Allentown Art Museum.

SOTA Prints



Milton Avery, American, 1885-1965
Umbrella by the Sea, 1948, drypoint
Purchase:  SOTA Print Fund, 1996. (1996.01.3)


The SOTA Print Collection

In 1966, the newly formed Society of the Arts adopted a policy of providing funds for the Allentown Art Museum to develop a well-balanced collection of original prints from all periods and schools. To begin this ambitious undertaking, the organization established the SOTA Print Fund as a source of income to acquire fine art prints to reflect the gift of European paintings and sculpture from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation. Over time, the SOTA Print Fund’s focus has evolved beyond its original purpose to include a more universal outlook. Fifty years of fundraising has facilitated the purchase of over 350 prints from the 15th Century to the present.

Allentown Art Museum Affiliation

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For more than 75 years, the Allentown Art Museum has been a place where inspiration is born and lifelong memories are made.

Our mission is to enrich the lives of the widest possible audience of visitors by engaging, informing, and inspiring them through the activities of collecting, preserving, studying, exhibiting, and interpreting important works of visual art.